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A bit about our knives

Looking for knives are you? We’ve got ‘em. If you are looking for a Bowie knife, check out some of our surplus military knives; they’re tough as nails, whether you’re whittling, prying open stuck doors, or fighting off rabid animals. Also in our stock are some clever adventure Bowies which hold in their hilt fishing wire, sewing supplies, and a compass, among other things.

We also have bayonets, most of which are genuine surplus or vintage pieces, sure to impress any knife fan. Many of them serve multiple purposes such as attaching to the scabbard to form a wire cutter. If you’re looking for a truly vintage piece check out our WWII British Spike Bayonet.

For you Urban types, a machete may not seem like the most utilitarian of tools but you would be surprised how versatile they can be. Around the world machetes are used to clear, cut and chop anything from deciduous trees to bamboo. Each different style of machete was developed for different environments. Your typical, longer, straight edged machete is best for densely vegetated and tropical areas; it is great at clearing vines and brush away. Bolo and Cutlass machetes are generally better at chopping and are used often for building structures; if you have ever seen a man shape and notch a pole of bamboo in three smart strikes you’ll realize how handy these things can be. A machete is the ultimate tool that easily doubles as a weapon when times are tough. Also, if you lend any belief to the Mayans or the pop-culture surrounding them, then you might want to think about having one of these around.

Always remember when using a machete, each different style has a maximum force point. This means that, when you chop or cut using your machete you should try to make contact at this point in the blade. A Straight or Bolo machete will function best closer to the tip. While the Cutlass or Kukri machete is best towards the middle of the blade where the bend begins.

A bit smaller and more versatile are the Swiss Army knives and multi-tools. If you have not ever used one of these before, there is a lot to be said about them. Personally, I like to carry a nondescript folding knife and leave the extra functions to my Leatherman. I’ve used mine to pry open doors, fashion lock-picks, make jewelry, cut down small (3inch diameter) rods of bamboo, cut up clothing, perform small scale surgery (not recommended for first time users) and file down hang nails. A Leatherman is a tool that no store, house, business, car, or survival pack should be without.

So take a look through out selection and let us know if there is anything you would like to see that we are missing.

Bowie Knife

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