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Our outdoor gear

Outdoor gear has gotten to be quite the high-tech thing these days. We have created ultra-lite rain-slickers and a thousand types of breathable fabrics. But here you are, on the landing page for outdoors gear on a surplus website. Why?

Oh the reasons…

First of all, as any survivalist camper knows, Army Navy stores have the best deals on gear. It may not be the top brand, it may not be made of thousand-syllable polymers but it’s affordable. Since World War II, the United States military (as well as others around the world) have developed numerous ingenious designs. For example, ponchos that button together to form a tent, wire saws, bayonets that double as wire cutters, and of course, the indispensable P38 can-opener. It's cheap, it works, and it is durable.

Durability is second to price only because of the increasingly difficult times. Our gear is made to survive the rigors of war; to take bullet holes in stride, resist rips, and keep soldiers dry and warm. Remember that first fleece jacket you got? Remember how fiery embers ate through it? Fleece was the pioneer of man-made fabrics, and since then they have only become more susceptible to fire. Tents, sleeping bags, coats, packs; all of them melt away at the first touch of flame. Not so with surplus. From rubberized bags, to ripstop cotton; our surplus supplies are built to stand up not just to the elements but to the machinations of the men around them. Whether you are looking for a sturdy canvas tent or sleeping bag made under the extreme cold weather system (ECWS), we have got it.

Then there is Paracord. Surely you’ve heard of it. Paracord is perpetually on the tip of the campers tongue. Built to hold 550 pounds; this stuff can be used for everything from stringing up bear bags to hanging clothes.

So, whether or not the big brands appeal to you, surely we have something you need at a price that cannot be beat. Whether you are hunting (we have camouflage netting as well as tape), camping or simply preparing for the post-apocalypse, we have got you covered.

Lightweight Air Force Raincoat

Nylon Type III Commercial Paracord
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